Sunday, October 31, 2010

October User Group with Respire - Roundup and next meeting announcement

Last week, local ATL Live user Paul Noonan aka Respire came in to show his DJ set up at the group.

As you can see on the left, Paul uses two Trigger Fingers, an APC 20 (just added), and a Native Instruments Kontrol 1 interface.

The Respire setup seems complex at first, but it's actually rather simple and symmetrical:

There are 4 decks on the left each with the same FX rack on each channel and color coded, a buffer track, 3 crate tracks (with clips also color coded to their Mixed in Key key code), and finally a custom "visual metronome" track that blinks lights on the APC to show which bar, beat, and measure you are in the mix - genius!

Here's the Live Pack: Respire Live Pack

You can find Mixed in Key at and the Put This Into That iTunes Script Paul used to copy the Mixed in Key's codes from "Comments" to "Groupings" Here

We had quite the turnout this week (this picture was taken at 9:30, after a few had already gone home for the night):
Also, on some tangent, we stumbled across my (tricil) remix site, which is here:

When Paul opened "The Emancipation" at the group, I realized I didn't make the Live Pack as universally compatible as I intended. That has been fixed, see the screen shot below for details. I used the open source soundcloud-remix code as the back-end to the site. Feel free to go to the site and download a Live Pack and submit your own remix. The Live Packs will work with any fully updated installation of Live 8 and beyond.

Follow Respire here:

Follow us (AbletonATL - 3 years strong!) here:

Our next and final meeting of 2010 will be Tuesday 12/7/10 at SAE (as usual). Our speaker is TBA.
We scheduled it this way to be right between the two ending holidays to give everyone a chance to attend.

That's about it, thanks for coming and see you in December,
John Jacobus and the Atlanta Ableton Users Group

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Atlanta Ableton User Group 10/26

Atlanta Ableton Users Group featuring Respire
Tuesday October 26th at 7:00PM
SAE Institute of Technology
215 Peachtree St NE
Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30303

Atlanta DJ Paul Noonan aka Respire ( will be on hand to show his DJ via Ableton setup. Respire recently won a showcase at the Atlanta SoundClouders meetup at the SoundTable alongside producers Beef Supreme and TRICIL.