Monday, April 5, 2010

April Atlanta Ableton Users Group - 4/13/10 - Special guests Richard Devine & Ryan Noise - Lemur/iPad Control

Hey all,

We meet again next Tuesday, April 13th at our usual spot at SAE at 7PM.

215 Peachtree Street
Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30303
Tel. 404-526-9366

Our special guests this month are Richard Devine, sound designer extraordinaire, and Ryan Noise, a local VJ/audio artist here in Atlanta.

This month Ryan will show off his brand-new iPad using the program
TouchOSC and others (including the Live API) as a Lemur-esque method
of controlling Ableton.

Watch here for a preview:

Richard Devine will also be on hand to show off the new Jazzmutant Mu-Max for Live stuff with the Lemur, which is pretty cool:

For more on Ryan:

Facebook event page here
See you next week!

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